Fiveways' New Email Policy

We've had many problems of late with spam emails being sent. When we reached the stage of receiving over 1,000 emails per day we decided that, in your interest, we'd make changes to make sure that we spend as much time on genuine emails as you, our valued Clients, deserve.

As a result, none of the old email links remain on our website. Soon, none of the old addresses will be monitored for genuine emails either.

We will be contacting all our existing client base, and anyone we've ever emailed, to advise them of the new address, which is:

So now you know!!!

This will hopefully prevent spam robots from harvesting this address and adding it to further lists.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change, but would value any Client feedback on this matter and our response to it.


Thank You and Best Regards,


Fiveways Bearings
October 2005

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